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SciShow Psych
Go to curiositystream.com/psych to start streaming Science Stories of 2018. Use the promo code ‘psych’ during the sign-up process to get your first 31 days free!
Comment from : SciShow Psych

Kristal Matt
I'm Aussie and one day I randomly started to get an accent, now my accent changes throughout the day. Usually sounding like I'm from New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland or somewhere in the UK. Nearly everyday I'll have a customer ask where I'm from 🤦 My accent changes dramatically and can change several times within just a few sentences 🤷
Comment from : Kristal Matt

Dakota Cloverleaf
Sometimes a get a foreign accent, but it doesn’t stay. I can’t control it, and it usually doesn’t last over an hour.
Comment from : Dakota Cloverleaf

Drew Trox
This kind of happened to me. Long ago, I was dying to see Shaun of the Dead. I got the DVD from the UK before the movie released in America. I loved it, watching it multiple times on my own and showing it to friends. This sent me on a huge British comedy binge. I watched Spaced, the original Office, all of Eddie Izzard's specials, etc. Then one day, while playing Call of Duty Multiplayer, one of my teammates asked me: "Hey where in Britain are you from?" That's when I realized I had been speaking in a British accent the whole match. I took a break from my British exposure. The accent would pop up here and there, but it faded pretty quick once I was conscious of it.
Comment from : Drew Trox

Spirit Dragon
This is now my science channel..they referenced HTTYD, I now love them.
Comment from : Spirit Dragon

Goddess Athena
Being autistic myself, I've noticed I'll occasionally slip into another accent if I'm not paying attention. Though it seems random, since it will sometimes not happen for weeks then Irish accent for a sentence.
I assumed autism caused these slips.

Comment from : Goddess Athena

Delimar Aponte
Puerto Ricans are like that
Comment from : Delimar Aponte

Sarah Pearson
I’ve had multiple head injuries and after my 4th one I started speaking in a really good British accent. It went away after a couple days but everyone around me thought I was faking it. Every once in a while it slips back but I don’t realize it. It just sounds like I’m slurring my words. Usually a couple hours later when it’s gone someone will ask if I had a bad migraine because I was speaking with the British accent. I’m really bad speaking in accents so I always thought it was weird.
Comment from : Sarah Pearson

Mikel 666
great video
Comment from : Mikel 666

Here I was hoping this would explain why I subconsciously adopt the accent of people I hang out with
Comment from : Beutimus

Charli Star
A friend I have had since a mid-teen has a different kind of foreign accent issue... We are from around London in the UK, if she spends even 2-3 months of time with someone with a fairly noticeable accent (it doesn’t need to even be a very strong accent either - it also doesn’t matter if they’re from another country or just from a different part of the UK - she will subconsciously/unknowingly start to pick up their accent... it’s also only when pointed out to her, that she ever realises she has done it again 😋
Comment from : Charli Star

Slagon Drayer
I can only read aloud in an Australian accent.
Comment from : Slagon Drayer

from the 46
I switch accents like crazy
Comment from : from the 46

Can you guys do an episode on paracosm if you get the chance? A friend on mine recently confided in me about his paracosm and I've been trying to learn as much as I can about it to support him, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot... Also loved the episode!
Comment from : Sarah

Beatrice Engman
Damn, I thought I would get an answer to why I always get a different accent when drunk.
Comment from : Beatrice Engman

Funny you mention Autism. I'm Autistic and can pick up other people's accents very easily, especially Irish and Scottish, which only take half an hour and then don't go away for days. I've known a few other Autistics with the same issue.I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's a connection.
Comment from : MrDrakkus

Scott Henrie
I'm glad the Broca's area of my brain wasn't damaged when I fell off a 30 foot cliff and landed flat on a large rock, my forehead at the left eyebrow hit the rock.
Comment from : Scott Henrie

Samantha Beaty
I used to speak with an English or Australian accent whenever I experienced really bad social anxiety. I'm not really sure why, but it made me feel more at ease.
Comment from : Samantha Beaty

the changes of accents in people with autism most likely is caused by echolalia instead. a notable example is how many autistic children in english speaking countries other than america often pick up american accents, mostly due to frequent exposure to american media
Comment from : lightzaber

Paula Isabela Marino
I was concussed a couple of years ago and wasn't diagnosed right away so I didn't take care of myself. Now sometimes when I speak too much the words get muddled and rounded in my mouth and it sounds like some variety of "British". I thought it was a weird me thing!!
Comment from : Paula Isabela Marino

In the UK, a lot of british Autistics sound 'American' to the british ear (but not necessarily to the American ear) because of all the TV they watched growing up. That's from personal experience at least
Comment from : NationalVideoWatcher

That explains why my son with autism says some words so differently!
Comment from : Apathetish

I believe that I have FAS,
Though I have never had any brain trauma, stroke or any of the other stuff mentioned.
I am not autistic at all and yet:

When I'm angry, my accent sometimes switches to that of a New Yorker (the stereotypical kind),
Some days I wake up with a British accent,
Sometimes I'll be in the middle of a conversation and the accent pops up.
Sometimes it'll just pop up on certain words.

(Other accents pop up randomly as well)

Could this be due to the fact that I used to imitate accents when I was a kid?

Comment from : MrsLadyPerez

Caleb Nastasi
I spent 2 weeks in the UK; when I returned, I was told I had a alight British accent. It wore off in a few days. I also spent 4 months in Russia; when I came home to the US, I had a small accent, and I sometimes omitted words. It took a lot longer for me to return to normal, as I would catch myself with the same habits weeks later. Why does this happen? If I stayed in the UK for an extended time (say 5 years), would I always have some form of accent? Is this common for other people?
Comment from : Caleb Nastasi

Ginny Jolly
Broca's area deals with speech elements? Where you showed it was, it makes me wonder if it is involved in several mental illnesses, like other symptoms can present in several conditions. (E.g. hurting teeth can be an effect of gum disease or indicative of cancer.)
I have seen C-T scans of bipolar disorder supposedly showing restricted blood flow to the brain. (It must take a more trained person than I; I couldn't see it.)
The blood vessels they showed were on the base of the brain cerebral cortex. It might be that oxygen reduction impinges on this area to cause these changes in bipolar persons. (I am bipolar and always speculating on new info that comes up.)

Comment from : Ginny Jolly

I talk weirdly but I wouldn't call it foreign accents. I like saying a word differently each time, also I randomly forget proper pronunciations.
Comment from : MrHotPinkBanana

June H
That's not a butterfly! That's a cross section of your spinal cord!
Comment from : June H

Moki Mon
>first year psych
>"The Broca's area, usually in the left hemisphere"

Comment from : Moki Mon

Brit, thank you for the "A View From The Top" reference. That is one of the best lines in the history of movies
Comment from : Angerona

This is my first time seeing SciShow Psych. I look at lots of language/accent things, so I guess YouTube thought it worth a try. It was informative and worthwhile. However, my takeaway was off-topic, but related -- here's what I mean:

I noticed that the body language and speech characteristics used by this presenter are uncannily like those of Danielle of Orign Of Everything (who I see often.) It's as if they had the same parents. It seems to go right down to the small muscles of the face, which dish up gestures that seem to have an acknowledged grammar. Furthermore, I wouldn't have noticed it so much had I not already observed the same thing in the monologues of Neil Brennan and Michelle Wolf of the Daily Show. Their "body-swap" borders on creepy. Check out those two pairs if you're curious.

I don't know if this kind of thing has always happened and I'm just starting to notice it, late in my 7th decade, or if it's a new thing. (Of course, impressionists have always channeled other people as a gag, but this is more like random people channeling an unseen prototype.)

(Semi-related is the youngster in my white, middle-class neighborhood who spoke with a strong, northern black ghetto sound. Or the unusual speech of Edgar Oliver, who presents from time to time on radio's The Moth. But I'll stick to one oddity at a time.)

Comment from : dactylntrochee

Jenny Sweeney
Re the autism thing: it could also be that they are watching content from that region on repeat and picking up/mimicking speech patterns from there. Here in the UK its not unheard of for autistic kids to speak with a generic American accent and that is thought to be down to the fact that much of the media they are consuming in their formative years is from the US so contains American accents. They then copy what they hear, whether consciously or unconsciously. My mum tells me that when I was reading Enid Byton books I started using their old fashioned terminology in general conversation so maybe its a similar thing...
Comment from : Jenny Sweeney

Hege Valle
I have a thing with adopting the dialect of the person im talking to, whether "broken english", the lilt of a specific town, its to the point that whomever im talking to will ask how long ive lived in my own town and who i went to school with in their town/area. My best friend will ask if ive just spoken to so and so because my dialect have changed enough, with my dad its enough to just text him and my brain has shifted, and if ive visited its stuck for a few days. Im Norwegian and growing up i adopted my stepdads dialect of English, to the point of being mistaken for his daughter not my Norwegian mum's kid..
Comment from : Hege Valle

Kevin Benoit
I once kinda took on a Vietnamese-American accent when speaking with my Vietnamese-American stepmom, but when I caught myself doing it I immediately stopped to avoid offending her
Comment from : Kevin Benoit

Kevin Benoit
This is what Stewie from Family Guy has
Comment from : Kevin Benoit

Luke Mileto
that got me worried
Comment from : Luke Mileto

Alucard Peach
Ohhh!!!! I have different accents with migraines!!! I (and my family) ALWAYS wondered what was up with that!
Comment from : Alucard Peach

Okida motuns
I want an English accent..... Its soooooo sexy
Comment from : Okida motuns

Freeda Peeple
I'm willing to accept the word of medical professionals, but this is REALLY hard to believe...
Comment from : Freeda Peeple

Robert Schlesinger
Very interesting video. Some years ago I heard a news story of someone that had a stroke and promptly began speaking with a British accent. Rather strange side effect. Had this happened a few centuries ago, the stroke victim might have been burned as being possessed or being demonic. Something to think about, and how far we've come.
Comment from : Robert Schlesinger

You heard it right here folks, exposure to foreigners causes autism.


Comment from : pardn

Janita van der Kuur
You should do a catch up video where you put together a montage of all’s kinds of 2014/15 or 16 videos where you say “maybe in the future we know more about this” and update us on how much research there has been done on those things and what we know now.
Comment from : Janita van der Kuur

Jonas Hansen
I basically go something like Scottish accent when I’m really pissed.
Comment from : Jonas Hansen

My father married a woman after my mother died. She had been married to an English man for many years before he died. Even though she was born and raised in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and had never lived in England, she sounded completely British, including the accent and all the words she used (“lift” for elevator, “boot” for car trunk, etc.). This continued for the eight years she was married to my father until he died. She was a horrible evil person who ruined our family, and her fake, snobby sounding accent was a large part of the reason I despised her. When my father died, our family priest came to pray with us, and she actually called out my father’s wife for being so fake and pretentious, right over his still-warm body. I almost laughed, because it was something I’d been wanting to say for a long time. 🤦‍♀️ So annoying.
Comment from : BergletteMom

Kovács Viola
seriously, who is down voting these videos? :D
Comment from : Kovács Viola

Peter Houle
Scarlet Witch lost her foreign accent.
Comment from : Peter Houle

0:59 wtf is a suhlabull lol
Comment from : blo0dchild

Something similar happened to me. About 8 years ago I went to live in Chile to pursue a Master's degree, I was born in Mexico City and lived there my entire life up to that point. Even though both Mexico and Chile have Spanish as official language, when I first arrived at Chile I had a hard time understanding the local accent and noticed people had a hard time understanding my accent as well. So after some time living there I got better at understanding them and also noticed most people understood me better. What I didn't realize at the time was that my accent actually changed and now people assume I'm a foreigner anywhere I go. Several years have passed but it is still a common situation that when I meet new people they always ask where am I from. I just assumed my accent changed because of some kind of adaptation process and just never changed back but after watching this I now wonder if what happened is actually brain damage of some sort.
Comment from : HellMasterRod

Nemanja Koviljac
''Hit or miss''
My brain: I guess they never miss, huh?

Comment from : Nemanja Koviljac

I fart in French.
Comment from : veranet

Thank you so much for this. I've been wondering about this for so long!!
Comment from : SK

I was expecting you to talk about that Australian man who had a blow to his head, and woke up speaking clear chinese. If I remember correctly, this happened around 2014/2015.
Comment from : Carped'orio

Is this why drunk people sound like the Irish
Comment from : 119matburn

Tony Gordon
When I was 15 I (raised in NY, normally have a very neutral American accent) for about a week I suddenly started speaking in a Southern accent and genuinely could not stop unless I focused really, really hard on it. I would think it was just mimicry, like when I hung out with a British person I started using her accent when I wasn't thinking, but I wasn't with anyone with the accent I was using. It hasn't happened since....brains are weird!
Comment from : Tony Gordon

Yuen Ling
When I was a child I used to speak in a received pronunciation British accent, but somewhere along the line it became a more American sounding accent. I don't think it was sudden since my accent has always been a weird blend of the two, but I really don't know why and it's not like I am on the AS. I was diagnosed with mild dyspraxia, so that may have something to do with it. I sometimes accidentally switch into a German accent for certain words (I learn various languages on Duolingo). Then Cockney, Texan, Italian, Malaysian and Cantonese accents I sometimes do for fun.
Comment from : Yuen Ling

Ashley Wood
You should do a lead on episode about a similar (I think) rarity where someone speaks a different language after brain injury.
Comment from : Ashley Wood

The Creature
Thank you for that how to train your dragon refrence. Love the franchise, but that has always been a bit odd.
The video topic is really interesting and well made as well

Comment from : The Creature

Ender Wolf
I'm American and I often get an unexplainable Canadian accent, it's not too dramatic but I still never knew why it happened. I always just thought it was because I wanted to sound more 'polite' when speaking to people, or something like that. But, I was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I never even knew that this was a thing! This may possibly explain why I get this accent, which is super interesting to me. Amazing video! 😊
Comment from : Ender Wolf

i get so excited to see you're hosting the video, haha. you're very charismatic!!
Comment from : ネコ

Oh man, having a German accent in Norway in the 40s would not have been a pleasant experience :S
Comment from : FaerieDust

I have what I call Mimicry Accent, where if I am talking with someone with an accent, I will adapt the accent into my speech and start talking that way until the conversation ends without me even knowing. This can cause people to think I am making fun of them, or they complement me on my accent. Happened a lot during Spanish classes in High School, and is stronger in face-to-face conversations, but can happen over the phone.
Comment from : NintendoPolitics

Lucas Kjenner Andersen
But I have a question; Do the patients themselves classify their own accents as, for instance German, therefore resulting from a development of a familiar accent to the patient, or is it a mere coincidence that the speech patterns sound as though they are different accents? It'd be really interesting to look into the patient's own thoughts about this phenomena.
Comment from : Lucas Kjenner Andersen

Some Dragon to Slay
Oh! That explains how I'm a German and Spanish speaker but my accent sounded French for all my youth and now they say I sound Bulgarian (I don't know how Bulgarian differs from Russian tho)
Comment from : Some Dragon to Slay

Yi Jern
Kids with autism tend to have a more UK/US accent when speaking. This is what I've observed in the kids from my country (most of our main language isn't English).
Comment from : Yi Jern

Jeff Slarve
Does this explain why everyone on the Chernobyl series sounded British or Irish?
Comment from : Jeff Slarve

Kit Whitfield
My son is autistic, and what accent he uses varies from word to word, depending on the accent of the person he learned that word from. (I can always tell what words he learned from his Canadian grandmother, for instance.) He’s an incredibly precise mimic, and only very slightly bonded to his ‘native’ accent - or, more accurately, he doesn’t really have a native accent, because language itself is not his mother-tongue. You can ‘correct’ his pronunciation, and he’ll either change it to be obliging or keep it ‘wrong’ because he thinks it’s funnier that way ... but to have a natural accent would require him to understand language more holistically than he does. He learns it as-and-when, and I’m pretty sure that he’d shed the accent he currently has without a backward glance if the situation called for it. Or rather, he’d add other accents on top, and shuttle back and forth with no preference or struggle.
Comment from : Kit Whitfield

Magister R'yleth
I heard about this from a great comedian.
Comment from : Magister R'yleth

Zigalko don Verven
I do this because it helps me read multiple characters. Sometimes it takes a minute or more for me to exit an accent. When projecting my voice, I say "eight" like I'm some singer from Liverpool.
Comment from : Zigalko don Verven

Trevor Gibson
Brit Garner is a dime 👌
Comment from : Trevor Gibson

Farhan Ali
1:03 syl-LAB-le... that just hurt lol
Comment from : Farhan Ali

Taylor Fair
I've always had an American accent as a third generation Australian. Figured it was just watching too much TV and never being able to place the differences.
Comment from : Taylor Fair

Shawn Spillane
I'm autistic, and often my accent [upstate NY, American] will turn British or Irish. Funny enough, if I'm around an accent for a day or more, I'll pick it up too; like Texan American or Australian, for example.
Comment from : Shawn Spillane

The only accent I can do well is a Southern US accent (like the deep south, Texas or midwest accents, not New Orleans). Which is annoying, because I don't actually like those accents. If I woke up tomorrow with an English accent -- specifically, I'd like a northern English, Yorkshire-esque one, please -- I would love it! The brain damage part, though, I can do without...
Comment from : IceMetalPunk

I’m autistic and my accent changes if I’m talking to someone with a different accent or who speaks a different dialect or if I’m watching a foreign show or movie. similarly, if i’m watching something like a documentary where I’m hearing one voice for a long time, my inner voice and speech pattern are stuck imitating that voice for a period. My mother has the same thing happen on occassion, and she’s never been diagnosed with autism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment from : theaceofhearts36

Ashley L
Sometimes i talk like a german. Esp with my vowels, im from America. However i lived in german from ages 2-6 sooo i guess it makes sense
Comment from : Ashley L

The blocks for text are so hard to read with all of the different colors and sizes. Also the italics and all capitals. Just too much
Comment from : Palmtreegal3

I have autism and I do very rarely suddenly speak with an accent.  Was wondering what was going on
Comment from : aerozord

i speak klingon with a hawaiian accent
Comment from : UncleBibby

Jerms Mason
I have a speech impediment that sounds like an accent.
Comment from : Jerms Mason

Elsa Frost
Years ago I used to have migrane quite occasionally, and when I did I was slurring very hard. Sometimes the symptoms started in class, and remember once my teacher couldn't even understand what I'm saying because she had never seen it happen like this before.
I never had an accidental accent from what I know, but it was more like a very sloppy speech because my tongue wasn't doing much, and I had troubles pronouncing hard consonants (my first language is German, and as you know there are only hard consonants)

Comment from : Elsa Frost

Anastasia Kireeva
I think I have it. Many people told me that I have an american accent when I speak my native russian (giving that I’ve always lived in Russia). I thought that watching loads of content in English for years is to blame. Being occasionally mocked (in a friendly way) for the way you speak is far from nice 😒
Comment from : Anastasia Kireeva

Elsa Frost
1:36 isn't a butterfly it's angery owl!
Comment from : Elsa Frost

Danielle D
Is this kind of like "druggie drawl" I knew one girl who sounded french, but she was from Ohio. One of my friends told me it was because she did a lot of drugs. But we all thought she was french, and she was pretty difficult to understand and i was SHOCKED when I found out she had never left the US. I wonder if it's just not very documented because maybe some people just never treat it or go in for it...
Comment from : Danielle D

I have ASD. I know that it's not as long as Foreign Accent Syndrome, but if I'm nervous I can involuntarily slip into a new accent until I stop talking and recooperate.
Comment from : BenjamimaPancake

Yusef Endure
"em-PHA-sis of each sy-LLA-ble" lol!!!
Comment from : Yusef Endure

New Message
It's a-me! New Messagio!
Comment from : New Message

Adam Clarke
That "butterfly" inkblot was clearly a vagina
Comment from : Adam Clarke

I've gotten stuck in accents before, though always manage to get back to normal. It'd be odd being unable to switch back...
Comment from : Johnyliltoe

Nina Williams
This happens when I'm high
Comment from : Nina Williams

My problem is that I sometimes lose the ability to understand English (my mother tongue). It generally happens if I've spent some time not hearing people speak, and will come back if the person just keeps talking. I'm told what I say during these times makes sense, but it doesn't seem like it to me. It's worse on the phone, and much worse on a cell phone. (I do a LOT of "priming" before calling anyone, and I dread being put on hold.
Comment from : fantasticmio

I've lived my entire life with both an unplaceable accent and an undiagnosable slight neurological disorder somewhere on the autistic spectrum.  I always figured the accent came from my dad corrupting me with Monty Python videos at the tender age of 3.

I was born in Culver City, CA, and live my whole life up to this point in Panorama City, CA, and yet strangers who ask about my accent always think somewhere in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.  I play a little game with them, saying that if they can get it right in 3 tries, I'll give them $100, but if they can't they'll owe me $100.  If I ever actually followed through with that last bit, I'd be rich, like end of the Barenaked Ladies song rich.

Comment from : sdfkjgh

Joshua Hillerup
I see why Hank didn't do this one, John would have never let him live it down
Comment from : Joshua Hillerup

Joshua Amy
If I'm working very hard to understand someone's accent that I'm having a conversation with, sometimes I unintentionally will adopt the accent when I say something. Probably not this, but awkward nonetheless when we both notice it
Comment from : Joshua Amy

Zuko the rabbit
I sometimes get a British accent not a good one by any means but it is hard to turn off if I even hear someone with a British accent.
Comment from : Zuko the rabbit

Is that what happened to Madonna a few years back?
Comment from : frotwithdanger

Fascinating info, but please remember: autistic people are not broken and we don't need "therapy," we need acceptance and a little bit of understanding because our brains run a different OS than yours do.
Comment from : JalnorTheGreat

Dean Lock
I’m a lot more interested in how and why accents evolve and differ according to geography
Comment from : Dean Lock

Cole Hawker
As a West-Coast Canadian, I do find myself sometimes switching to a (Texan?) southern accent. It happens a lot after I jokingly say a phrase in it, and then it's a darn pain to turn it off.
Comment from : Cole Hawker

Kruz Ellerbroek
My principle had this!! One morning during an assembly he came up and started speaking in this thick Russian accent. Apparently a few years back he fell off his bike and hit his head really hard. I had no idea that this was rare.
Comment from : Kruz Ellerbroek

Some of the words I say, I say with a Minnesotan accent, yet I know no one that has that accent. No clue why I have it.
Comment from : Evelo

Laura Flora
I didn't realize this was so rare, a friend of mine started speaking with a French-Canadian accent after a stroke. It's actually really sad how many people think she's "faking it for attention", it always amazes me how ignorant people can be when it comes to mental illness and other things involving the brain. No one ever automatically assumes someone wearing a cast is just "pretending they broke there arm for attention" or calls a diabetic a drug addict for having an "insulin dependency".
Comment from : Laura Flora

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