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Mathugh's Youtube World
Why Is there a masterball in the display case.
Comment from : Mathugh's Youtube World

The gamers of a Lifetime
Am i the only one who noticed that the showcase behind the cashier has a freaking Master Ball in it
Comment from : The gamers of a Lifetime

Sergio Silva
When i became champion i caught mewtwo with a master ball
Comment from : Sergio Silva

Charlie Allum
8:02 It's pumpkaboo
Comment from : Charlie Allum

This works! I didn't do all of it...but I did get the gems/stones. So when I went into the clothes shop...she said I was fashionable! ~ ❤
Comment from : Valerie

MikeGamer Universe
can someone help me i don't know were to get the cherish ball that red with black poke ball! please help! reply!
Comment from : MikeGamer Universe

I'm really sad how I caught Xerneas in a Master Ball after I heard from Abdallah that Xerneas is very easy to catch :P

I'm trying so hard to catch Mewtwo

Comment from : Mikaiver

Furry daddy
I Caught Xerneas With A master ball
Comment from : Furry daddy

Unbeatable user
if any1 here has 1 master all to trade me in this game let me know I can get x999 master balls in exchange to keep 1
Comment from : Unbeatable user

Spiro27 Oscar
Oh come on how come I missed
Comment from : Spiro27 Oscar

Dros DES
That's a pumpkaboo not a floating phanthump phanthump ain't fat and round
Comment from : Dros DES

The best spiderman ever
Why can't we get the Master Ball?
Comment from : The best spiderman ever

Calamitous_ Rin
He's talking about terminas cave
Comment from : Calamitous_ Rin

Anand kumar
I like mashed potatoes
Comment from : Anand kumar

Eevee Gamer2001
I couldn't find the poke ball shop XC
Comment from : Eevee Gamer2001

hello good sir
ITS BOONDING TIME screen goes black
Comment from : hello good sir

Christian Staver
I went in the boutique they denied me
Comment from : Christian Staver

Seppe Faster
cool vid but just move your mic a little bit from your mouth thx ;p
Comment from : Seppe Faster

Anna Lisi
you are outstanding
Comment from : Anna Lisi

GameLord The Badass
I got a different ball when I talked to the girl in the poke shop
Comment from : GameLord The Badass

Epix Wheelz
you could buy master balls in the old games idk why not in this game
Comment from : Epix Wheelz

Christian Ibarra
Imagine if you can buy masterballs that would be badass!
Comment from : Christian Ibarra

Ratheon Hudson
Wow, you searched each bin, why don't they have at least 2 Nuggets in the game?
Comment from : Ratheon Hudson

Ratheon Hudson
"Heal Ball's are cool because they're pink!" That is going on a coffee mug, next to my Battery Level mug
Comment from : Ratheon Hudson

At 16:05 um you know how there's 3 girls outfits displayed? Well, I'm not sure if anyone else thinks this but the girls outfit in the middle with the grey shirt, red sleeves, and grey pant? Well in my opinion that outfit doesn't look like its for girls. For me it looks so ugly.
Comment from : FunnyMoustacheHammy

Jai Warren
I have a shiny Umbreon
Comment from : Jai Warren

Luacs Hobbs
nice Intro :P
Comment from : Luacs Hobbs

Princess Ali
Maybe its cuz im a girl but I bought every clothing item in the game. I don't even like half the clothes but its kinda fun that I can buy them all and least make mini me cute. (cuz be miracle if I can do that in real life LOL)
Comment from : Princess Ali

Princess Ali
Wow I found that soda too and I was like sweet its like a rare candy myself. I gave it to Lapras who was at 98 thinking okay least it'll help and boom she's at 100. No wonder its rare LOL. But hey the money came from the hotel pay so it didn't bother me LOL
Comment from : Princess Ali

Princess Ali
I love your voice 
Comment from : Princess Ali

Bill Siejna
3 egg face with a leaf stone i mean eggxecute leaf stone evoles to eggxegutor

Comment from : Bill Siejna

Paul Anderson
Friend code
Comment from : Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson
Friend code
Comment from : Paul Anderson

ok, has anyone else noticed the masterball in the display case and couldn't find it in the buy section? I'v always wondered if it would be a event thing, but here's the thing. over the months of playing pokemon x I find out that game freak is remaking ruby and sapphire. Which I'm glad for but, finish the game before making a new one. Theres no trio in x and y. well, there is but you have to hack for it. then the mistories in pokemon x and y aren't expland. a new region and all that stuff. remaking sapphire and ruby dosn't explan them at all. again glad the remakes are coming out, yet disappointed the trio wasn't unleashed yet and the mistores explained.
Comment from : Bluepaw

8:02 No, it's actually pumpkaboo XD
Comment from : shadowmetal23

sniper ghost
Comment from : sniper ghost

angela Apperley
love it cant wait for more. breeding / getting them all if you can???
Comment from : angela Apperley

CG Nick
I saw my dude yes he's my friend!
Comment from : CG Nick

I think what happens when a pokeball fails, is that it snaps, where the 2 lids just break open, and you can't use half a pokeball
Comment from : Jce17

a few pokes that evolve with leafstone are exeggcute, gloom, weepinbell, shiftry and many more
Comment from : Kratosx

Kyuchii 741
LOL Abdallah said reason instead of region.. At least I head it
Comment from : Kyuchii 741

The video gamers
Do u have 3ds or 3dsxl
Comment from : The video gamers

Geo Rychel
Btw the name geonni
Comment from : Geo Rychel

Red Fox
I can never use the herbs. I try to do the PKMN Amie thing alot for any boosts I can get. I totally grind for the power o.o
Comment from : Red Fox

Beth Goldstein
What happens to the Pokeballs in game when we fail: See Pokemon The Origin the pokemon shatters the ball when it comes out and they burn away
Comment from : Beth Goldstein

Abdallah howdid you get sooooo much moneysss
Comment from : Einamu

Emircan Games
I hope that you my add abdallah i have No friends friend code:1048 - 9475 - 9683
Comment from : Emircan Games

My Friendcode:4081-5864-1584
I hope you let me be your Friend

Comment from : Eddy

My Friendcpde:4081-5864-1584
I hope you let me be your friend <3

Comment from : Eddy

Stanz Wong
When are you going to catch mew two
Comment from : Stanz Wong

hassan alzaid
How do you have all this money

Comment from : hassan alzaid

Tom Grace
This guy is great he should have way more subs!!
Comment from : Tom Grace

Green Cheez
Catchy name and awesome videos Win Win!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Green Cheez

Youtube Username
that diggersby tho
Comment from : Youtube Username

Fabian Tan
its so difficult to be more stylish as i do not want to spend money
Comment from : Fabian Tan

Akshay Gill
diggersby tho
Comment from : Akshay Gill

Volt krusher
In lumise city cafe
Comment from : Volt krusher

Volt krusher
Sorry what about the reast of the maga stone and get the granavorit
Comment from : Volt krusher

Volt krusher
What is
Comment from : Volt krusher

Looking for a pinsirite comment what you want for it
Comment from : MrJimmyjz1

Jace Wood
Hey guys I'm trading friend codes with whoever wants too. Mine is 3110 4682 5959
Comment from : Jace Wood

Cameron Wohlever
If you watch Pokemon Origins, when Red fails to catch Mewtwo the pokeball explodes and essentially evaporates.
Comment from : Cameron Wohlever

tommy dean
Mega stones also don't affect bargin powers and you can only get one of charizardite x and y depends the game

Comment from : tommy dean

Romulus Gaming
#diggersby tho

Comment from : Romulus Gaming

abdallah might as well go free load on shops X3
Comment from : brickgamer54321

I really like how you are showing what's in lumiose city
Comment from : riolu3135

219 pb
The pokemon is zygarde
Comment from : 219 pb

Geo Rychel
Abdallah when I get my code add me
Comment from : Geo Rychel

Senpa1 Kush
Check my site if u want my code abdallah
Comment from : Senpa1 Kush

Senpa1 Kush
Is it Alright if we play acnl together? If it's ok with u i would like to clone some gold furniture that I'm missing. If u want to respond.
Comment from : Senpa1 Kush

Walter Carranza
You should do a breeding tutorial video.
Comment from : Walter Carranza

Super Panda Killer
Can you make a video on breeding and getting the hidden abilities?
Comment from : Super Panda Killer

Rare Red

Cool and number 2

Comment from : Rare Red

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